Hardcore United League Diamond Members


Same Color Blood Hardcore Clan

About Us
We are a Hardcore Clan led by SCB xHARD4KAx,we currently have around 25 members, we are the most loved/hated hardcore clans in the Hardcore Community and also hold one of the best records in the Hardcore Community at 51 wins 1 losses. We are members of Hardcore United League, a popular League with over 80 members and 29 different teams. We currently have a Battlelog, Facebook, and a Youtube account for social networking. 

What we do?

Well to sum it up short, whoop sum... With an unbelievable team matching almost every week in league, you can be sure we will getting games in conquest and Squad Rush. But recently their has been the idea to start up Rush in Hardcore gaming for SCB.

Hardcore United League Record 

SCB vs DFA (2-0) Conquest Diamond

SCB vs 2L8 (2-0) Conquest Diamond

SCB vs W.I.S.E. (2-0) Conquest Diamond

SCB vs TPA (3-2) Conquest Diamond

SCB vs AoD (6-1) Squad Rush

SCB vs 2L8 (5-3) Squad Rush

SCB vs VIP (6-1) *Tournament* Squad Rush

SCB vs BRO (6-0) *Tournament* Squad Rush

SCB vs Exploit (1-6) *Tournament*(Division Finals) Squad Rush 

SCB vs HVT (2-1) Conquest Diamond

SCB(B) vs HVT(B) (2-0) Conquest Gold

SCB vs ADR Diamond (0-2) *Forfeit* Conquest Diamond

SCB(B) vs AoD(B) Gold (2-0) Conquest Gold 



With a Team that has been together for more than a year, the members refer to our name standing for Strength, Courage, and Brotherhood. This is something every member in SCB holds close to them and keeps in mind when going out on the field or represents our clan SCB. SCB first started in the Hardcore Community almost a year ago with our first ever battle, ever since that time SCB has had success, winning in Hardcore Battlefield before leaving that site with a perfect 6-0 record and taking its talent to Hardcore United where it currently is 4-0. 


  • Remaining a strong group of Brothers in the Hardcore Community
  • 1 year of success in the competitive community
  • Going undefeated on hardcorebattlefield.com (6-0) before leaving
  • Founders of Hardcore United
  • Has a platoon Same Color Blood with over 70+ fans 
  • Has a platoon for SCB Fans-- SCB Fan Platoon with over 40 members
  • Has a haters platoon--SCB's RECORD IS FAKE--this platoon has 30 members and over 20+ fans(Deleted February 2013 by the haters #Mistake! :o) 
  • Has an independent haters server created by haters, SCB Our Record is Fake Server.
  • Many different social media outlets such as Facebook,Youtube, and Battlelog, as well as being hosted on independent Battlefield related websites featuring our videos.
  • Has many servers to play on that are usually full and a favorite amongst Hardcore gamers.
  • First and only Hardcore team to be sponsored
  • Sponsored by Echo Actual Gaming.com
  • Allied with GDI
  • Diamond League members of HUL
  • Strength,Courage and Brotherhood.

 Same Color Blood Platoon on Battle log



SPONSORED BY Echo Actual Gaming.com!


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